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Bikini Waitress

Unbelievable Bikini Waitressing

When you need to turn up the heat for an event or a buck’s party, we have the girls for you. Whatever your indulgence, from nude to bikini waitressing, we offer adult entertainment of the highest standard. When you next need to provide adult entertainment, look no further than Ballers Entertainment.

Adult entertainment always has and will always be popular among men. Unfortunately, in an industry where there is much exploitation going on, it is often difficult to find a reputable service provider that provides for all the requirements of their clientele while at the same time providing safe and legal employment for their girls. We are fully licenced and compliant with all relevant regulations.

What You Can Expect from Ballers Entertainment Waitresses

We offer a wide range of adult entertainment services, for both private bookings and functions of all kinds. Our professional waitresses, fully dressed or donning bikinis or lingerie, even topless or nude, will keep you and your friends or colleagues entertained and their drinks full.

  • Our girls are hand-picked for their incredible beauty, professional attitudes, friendly disposition, open-mindedness, and commitment to their craft. We represent some of the top girls in the local industry today.
  • We have the perfect girls for your event or function. Whether you are hosting a corporate event with beautiful, delightfully dressed ladies serving drinks and mingling with customers, or a more risqué event with topless, bikini, or nude waitresses, we have you covered. We have access to over 250 of the most beautiful waitresses in NSW, QLD and Victoria.
  • Our services are entirely professional and strictly confidential. Your privacy and pleasure are our main priorities. Whether you require nude, bikini, lingerie, or topless waitressing, we can help. Whatever your preferences, you can’t go wrong with our waitresses.
Dark skinned woman in white bodysuit lingerie with braids

Related Services We Provide to Lingerie Waitressing

Woman in bikini at the golf course

We offer a wide range of adult entertainment services, from various clothed (or not) waitressing options to strip shows and much more. If it is adult fun you are looking for, we can provide it in heaps.

  • In addition to various waitressing options, we also offer strip shows for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a standard single girl stripping down to a G-string, or an altogether more racy, R-rated show that will see your dancer get rid of everything but her heels, we have just the solution for you.
  • Our X-rated strip shows are guaranteed to have your guests sitting at the edge of their seats. If that is not exciting enough for you, we also offer a doubles option, where your guests will be entertained by not one but two girls, each having a solo dance before joining forces for the ultimate in adult fun.
  • For those who prefer to walk on the wild side, an even more adventurous Dominatrix show featuring naughty toys and fiery and fierce mistresses will take your collective breath away.

About Ballers Entertainment

Ballers Entertainment came about due to the need for a highly personalised, professional adult entertainment service where girls are hand-picked for the various assignments for the pleasure of our customers.

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